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A Jane Austen video game? Crap does this mean I have to get a PS3. Wonder if they have it in a classy regency finish? #gaygeek

Damn you Oxygen, playing “Sense and Sensibility” at 8 AM on a weekday. Now I’ll never get ready for work on time. If they play “Emma” next, I’ll never get to work.

People I Wish Had Twitter Accounts

Jane Austen - So we can hear her ever so subtle thoughts in all of the Austen fan fic, Pride & Predjudice and Zombies, etc.

Shel Silverstein - lines of his poetry are just built for twitter. ”If you are a pretender come sit by my fire.”

Andy Kaufman - just imagine the twitpic account.

The Founding Fathers - so they can set those dumb ass Tea Baggers straight about what they “really” intended.

Martha from Albee’s “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” - The gin soaked rants would be brilliantly quotable.

Saturday morning and Downton Abbey. Dude, I’m such a sucker for this show. The only thing missing is Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth, but Maggie Smith is worth 4 Darcy/Liza combos.