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It’s my birthday. I’m 36. The same age as Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe were when they died.

New York’s hottest candidate is Stefon… Please tell me his running mate is DJ Baby Bok Choy. 

New York’s hottest candidate is Stefon… Please tell me his running mate is DJ Baby Bok Choy. 

oh snarf.

A+++++ to the SNL writers for their recreation of Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” video. 

When you feel scared, hold someone’s hand, look into their eyes. When you feel brave, do the same thing. You are here because you’re smart and brave, and if you add to that kindness and the ability to change a tire, you almost make up the perfect person.
Amy Poehler to the Harvard class of 2011

DJ Baby Bok Choy with his little ravioli hands.

My coworker Christine said to me, “When you get tired you start sound like a Kristen Wiig character.”

If so, I’d prefer being either “Surprise Lady” or “Penelope.” 

Betty White is so last year. There needs to be a facebook group to get Elaine Carroll (“Very Mary Kate”) on SNL.

I love Kristin Wiig too, but this is a bit extreme… that being said, I still laughed and watched almost the whole thing.

My Top 10 Favorite TV Characters

  • Calamity Jane from “Deadwood”


Ahhhh Jane. My sweet, foulmouthed, dirty, drunken Jane. I probably modeled most of my late 20s after her. But underneath the filth, she had a tender side. After calling someone a horribly racist term (some of which I’d never even heard of), she’d sit down with them and have a drink, or 10.

  • Anya from “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”


Anya was a polarizing character on the show, but I always loved her. She’s a former demon who becomes human and falls in love with a lovable dork. She struggles to understand people, often wishing she’d never given up her evil ways. In the episode where Buffy’s mom dies (“The Body”), Anya gave, what was to me, the most touching moment in the episode. Also, she has abnormal fears and I can sort of relate to that (gourds… yeshhh).

Starbuck from “Battlestar Gallactica”


BSG is one of my top 5 TV series of all time and I loved how they turned Starbuck into a woman… a total badass woman. She was wonderfully flawed and did I mention she was a total badass?

  • Laura Palmer from “Twin Peaks”

Laura Palmer

How much did I love Laura Palmer?

  1. I bought the Laura Palmer Diary book that was published.
  2. I watched Fire Walk With Me (twice)
  3. I owned the Twin Peaks CD.
  4. I encouraged a friend to name her baby “Palmer.” FYI, she liked Cooper, so I wasn’t alone in my insanity.
  • Penelope from “Saturday Night Live”


Penelope is every publicist I’ve ever worked with. We are a group of people that LOVE to know more than anybody else. If anyone would, for example, say “I just bought the new Whitney CD,” we would completely talk about how we got advance copies of the CD, and Whitney is a close personal friend. In fact, I’m friend Whitney did her first interview with. My name is Oprah. Yeah, so…

  • Kraus from “Benson”


One reason and one reason only: her haricut is fierce

  • Veronica from “Veronica Mars”

Veronica Mars

I was so bummed when this series was canceled. VM was funny, exciting and had an awesome soundtrack.

Kristen Bell rocked in this show and because of VM, I’ll probably watch any Kristen Bell movie ever.

Recently Kristen said she is hoping for a film of the show. I will totally be there if it comes to pass.

  • Emily Gilmore from “The Gilmore Girls”

Emily Gilmore

Unapologetic, willful, honest, and hysterical, that’s my Emily. A character that is both of her generation and way ahead of her generation. I used to watch “The Gilmore Girls” and think, what if Emily had been born 30 years later, what sort of character would she be. A flawed human being that doesn’t mind her flaws, just doesn’t want everyone to talk about them. I really don’t see what the problem is Lorelai, she’s fabulous and that’s all I have to say on the matter. Now who wants a cocktail before dinner?

  • Vern Schillinger on ”Oz”

Vern Schillinger

To this day, I can’t watch “The Closer” and not freak out because he’s Vern freaking Schillinger. The neo-nazi’s complete ruthlessness in jail always had me on pins as needles every episode. His ongoing battle with Tobias Beecher made for some very cruel moments. To know him is to hate him.

  • Glomer from the NBC Saturday morning cartoon show “Punky Brewster”


A rainbow.. SHANDOOOONNNN… When I lived in Nigeria, we had tons of episodes of this cartoon on tape. My uncle used to hit the record button on the VCR, record several hours of shows, and then mail the tapes to us. Punky’s cartoon was one of my favorite cartoons. Maybe because I was living far away from home and Glomer was a character desperate to get hom, who knows.

Although I always felt sorry for Brandon (aka Woof Woof). Glomer pretty much stole Punky’s attention away from Brandon and I felt bad for him.

Anyways, Glomer rocked. Sherie was a whiner and Allan was a putz.